Site work is all work regarding the earthwork for a project. The scope of the site work can vary considerably, however the term ‘site work” normally references all excavation, backfill, etc for a project. In addition to the entire earthwork required on a project the inclusion of miscellaneous items such as retaining walls, driveways, walks and patios, landscaping, erosion and sedimentation control, etc.

The scope of work is in many cases is all the work on the exterior of a building. Site utilities are normally included as well as the excavation and backfill for the lighting, the irrigation, etc. Most site work specific contractors are setup for large site work projects typically pre house construction with large equipment that make the small residential projects not cost effective for that contractor to be hired.

Here at APM we are always working with post construction residential properties with limited work space areas. These projects are special because not only do we have the site work experience but we also know how to stage out the job as we understand the property needs to be accessible during construction and ground disturbance needs to be minimized. Also our lighter and smaller equipment plays a factor with working in tight work spaces, minimizing ground disturbance and destructions to existing underground utilities.

We specialize in these types of projects. Contact APM today and review your project with us, if the job requires a large excavation company we work with several local companies that we can refer to you!