• How much are your services?
All of our services are tailored based the customer’s property needs, scope of work and duration of project. We would be more than happy to provide you with a free on site consultation and estimate.

• When would I receive a bill and how do I pay?
Typically with all our maintenance contracts you would receive an invoice on the first of every month. This invoice can be mailed or e-mailed. The invoice will have a due date and payment can be mailed or collected upon the next service. With our landscape jobs depending on the size of the project we would ask for a small retainer and the balance is due upon completion of the work. For your convenience we accept all major credit-cards, cash or check.

• When would you start mowing and when does the mowing season end?
We usually start our property cleanups in April and also the opening of the landscape beds. The mowing would start the first week in May. The season wraps up around September / November, weather depending. In November / December we are doing fall cleanups and closing landscape beds for the winter.

• When do you snow plow? How often? Would you sand the driveway?
Our rule of the thumb is — if there is three inches of snow, we are plowing. During some storms when we get a great deal of snow, will be snow plowing more than once. We do offer sanding, and this service would be done at our discretion weather depending.

• When should we contact you for lawn care?
The sooner the better! Our lawn care scheduled gets booked by late spring or early summer.

• Do you have a set time and date when you would service our lawn?
When we meet with you we will discuss a preferred day and time that fits your life style. Please keep in mind that the service day my change due to the weather.

• What type of services do you think we should have?
When we meet with you we will discuss what we would recommend for your property and the options available. We can do a basic lawn mowing and trimming package — or you could add other services, such as more extensive landscaping care and lawn maintenance for the season, or property maintenance for the entire year.

• Do you guarantee your landscape work?
YES! We will guarantee our landscape install work forever if we are providing the maintenance. The maintenance is the most important element of plants staying alive. On all our landscape construction work we guarantee products and labor for one year.

• What if I need a one time service?
APM does offer a one time service whether you are away and unable to mow your lawn, or if you would like a professional manicured lawn for a special occasion. Just contact us at least a week prior to your preferred service date.

• Does APM offer other services?
Yes. Just click the Services section of our website to see the other services we offer. If you are in need of a service that is not listed, contact us.

• Does the mowing crew collect the grass clippings?
Yes, we can for a addtional fee – however our mowers evenly disperse grass clippings back into your lawn. If clumping occurs due to tall, wet grass, our crews will mow and blow the clumps out to ensure we leave your lawn looking attractive and professionally maintained.

• What if it rains?
If it rains enough to prohibit mowing, your service will be rescheduled and the new schedule confirmed with you by phone call or email.

• What is the height of cut my lawn will receive?
Mowing heights will vary depending on the condition (thickness, height) of your particular lawn, the weather conditions, and the time of year. We do our best to select the right height for your particular lawn. Generally, mowing heights range from 3″-4″.

• Are there any guarantees?
We are confident you will be more than satisfied with our service. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please call our office immediately. We will do our best to correct the situation.